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Are PSG finally good enough to win the Champions League?

PSG’s stealthy enforcements over the summer will prove key as the Parisians embark on yet another season with one main goal: the UCL.

The early transfer deadline could hurt the Premier League’s big clubs

Although the Premier League succumbed to the popular frustration and decided to change its transfer deadline day, could it hurt them?

Is Jose Mourinho holding back Paul Pogba at United?

Paul Pogba’s success with the French team at the World Cup has shifted the critics’ eyes from United’s record signing to Jose Mourinho.

Which of Europe’s big five leagues was the most closely-contested last season?

Although many people seem to think that the Premier League is the most contested league year in, year out, is that indeed true?

How close is the Eredivisie to Europe’s big five leagues?

The Dutch Eredivisie is not the talk of the town these days anymore, but does it still boast a place amongst Europe’s top five leagues?

How to navigate the transfer market as a promoted team in the Premier League

Promoted teams have often gone all in during the transfer period following their promotion to guarantee safety in the PL. But is it successful?

How well did Liverpool spend the Suarez money?

Liverpool’s squad right now seems to have a very good foundation, courtesy of some excellent signings. Did Luis Suarez’s sale play a part?

Portugal and Spain’s contrasting styles had little effect in their matchup

The Iberian rivals’ game yesterday was an early contender for game of the tournament in this World Cup. But what actually decided the game?

The records waiting to be broken at the 2018 World Cup

The 2018 World Cup finals are here. The tournament will no doubt feature many outstanding performances. Here’s a list of a few that might even reach the level of World Cup records.

What lures top managers to the Premier League?

The Premier League boasts some of the top managers in world football, but what lures those top managers to this league?