Which of Europe’s big five leagues was the most closely-contested last season?

Although many people seem to think that the Premier League is the most contested league year in, year out, is that indeed true?

Bayern take Bundesliga (again) — is the league losing its sparkle?

Bayern Munich’s ascended to yet another Bundesliga title, and yet again it was pretty comfortable. The future of the Bundesliga is seriously in question as the lack of competition for the top spot in Germany’s first division is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

DFB reaffirms “50+1” rule—but is it ideal for anyone except Bayern?

The ruling body for German football voted last week to retain the controversial 50+1 rule. Some called for a change, in part, to combat perceived stagnation in the game personified by Bayern Munich’s dominance of the Bundesliga. But does Bayern’s success come in spite of the rule or in the face of it?

Fußball 2018: The best of times, the worst of times for the Bundesliga?

German football has two faces in 2018. Though supporters of the men’s national side have had nothing but good news, there are reasons to be concerned going into Russia 2018. Likewise, FC Bayern are on beam to collect another Bundesliga title, but are major changes coming to the German top flight?

Dortmund are a man down: Why Aubameyang had to go

Things have hit a new low at Borussia Dortmund now that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is officially gone. The club’s leading striker had been ready to go since last summer so it was certainly not a surprise. But there are reasons why it’s probably better it ended now.

Dortmund fans protest: “BL-exit” for German football?

German football is full of unrest in the wake of protests against Monday night scheduling and “increasing commercialization”. But is it possible to have world class competition without a commercialized game?

Renato Sanches: From Benfica phenom to waterfront washout

Renato Sanches burst onto the scene at Euro 2016 in France alongside countryman, Gonçalo Guedes, as Portugal took UEFA honors. But the rugged midfielder with the striker’s instinct has not enjoyed an easy road since then.

Jupp Heynckes’ return makes Bayern more ‘Bayern’

Jupp Heynckes’ return to Bayern Munich comes at a critical time for the Bavarians. The German giants have struggled, but not due to a lack of talent.

“Mia san Mia”: DW’s new Bayern documentary dotes and drones

Germany saw the development of two huge exports in 1974. Volkswagen introduced the Golf and Bayern Munich won its first European Cup (now Champions League). A new documentary examines at the continuing international success of one of those.

Why have Bayern suffered such a poor start in 2017?

Bayern-Munich has had a poor start to the 2017 Bundesliga season at least by the club’s high standards. Last week’s loss to PSG in UCL group play resulted in the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti after just over a year at the helm. But the seeds of Bayern’s current troubles seem to have been sown some time ago.